Factors to be considered before moving to Dubai

People around the globe are looking for opportunities to settle in Dubai to explore high-end life and live with tax-free earnings. Every year millions of people are relocating to this incredibly glamorous city and dwelling in the life of the UAE. Moving to a new country is quite overwhelming and daunting. Also, it requires a lot of planning before taking the big step where Signature Habitat ensures their client has smooth transactions when moving to Dubai.

We have created a list of factors to be considered before moving to Dubai.

Acquire a Job Before Moving

It is advisable to first get a job before you’re planning to move to Emirates. Also, spare a specific period to launch and research the desired profile that suits your salary expectations. It is recommended to try out online job portals and references to land the job in Dubai at the earliest.

Be Practical & Set Realistic Goals

When you are moving to a new country it is advisable to get realistic about the cost of living in Dubai. The package you’re thinking of retaining should be according to industry-standard and can easily cover your relocation expense.  Some companies sponsor the tickets, visas, health insurance, schooling, and much more. Research and learn how much your current lifestyle your desire costs so that you won’t end up returning to your home in just a 6 months period.

Renting a Place

Dubai has tax-free income but the living cost is quite high and heavy on your pocket. The rent would be the biggest expense as the property market is at an all time high and it is advisable to cut the cost of commuting and choose the place nearby your office, schools, hospital, and the list goes on. Signature Habitat experts find you the place within the budget and the area you like that could save up huge costs.

Acquire a Tenancy Contract

When you’re renting a property in Dubai you should have a residential visa which is similar to a work visa and a bank account to proceed with the movement in Dubai. The applicant is allowed to pay rent in 1-4 cheques along with the deposit and also always deal with the registered real-estate authority for smooth moving and it is advisable to make cheques in the name of the landlord and also take a look at the title deed before making the full payment.

Dwell in the culture

Dubai is home to over 192 nationalities which means you will be seeing a lot of mixed-up cultures, races, and more. The Gulf countries have left a huge imprint in the lives of people but when you’re around living it is recommended to soak up the culture learn new things, dress modest and explore the cuisines, try the local markets, and experience the inexperienced rather than investing money in huge malls or at top-notch restaurants. Experience the best of Dubai while saving some costs so that the movement becomes more exciting and easy.

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