What is the current demand for the property market in Dubai?

The real estate sector is an important business sector in Dubai and after a sudden setback caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the property market in Dubai is back on track and surging forth. A recent analysis by the Dubai Land Department has found a steady increase in property transactions, owing to the remarkable efforts by the government in tackling the COVID-19 crisis and thus opening the borders to the world sooner than expected. With EXPO 2020 and Global Village in full swing, the real est

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Opportunity to avail high rental yields in Dubai through holiday home

Holiday Homes to Yield Rental Return to Property Investors

Dubai is a coveted destination for tourists and business people alike and millions flock into the city every year. Holiday homes and vacation rentals are the new favorites in Dubai, enabling one to yield higher rentals within a shorter period of time.

Tourist and Business People Choose To Stay in Holiday Homes

Most of the Dubai visitors stay and enjoy at least two weeks t

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The Impact of EXPO 2020 on Dubai Real Estate Market

Dubai is the city of possibilities and millions flock to the mainland in search of work, entertainment, and leisure. Consequently, Dubai Real Estate Market is one of the most robust sectors in the city, contributing immensely to the fast-growing economy of the country. With the advent of EXPO 2020, the property market in Dubai is showing a sudden boom, owing to the increasing infrastructural development in the mainland. The impact of the EXPO 2020 event is expected to boost Dubai Real Estate

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The rise of property market in Dubai after COVID -19 Pandemic

Property business in Dubai has always been a high-yielding sector, possibly due to a large number of expatriates and travelers making the city their home. The property market in Dubai has gone through its up and downs, the most significant being the unprecedented advent of COVID-19, which pushed trade and commerce all over the world to a standstill. The real estate market in Dubai also went through a crisis but was soon able to stand back on its feet owing to the remarkable strategies adopted

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