Dubai as a Global Destination

Dubai ranked as one of the global destinations and set the benchmark for other countries. Dubai has striven in every other aspect amid the coronavirus outbreak but still managed to secure the title of global destination. The ranking drives the growth and allows the UAE to fulfill its vision of making the Emirate the most visited travel destination and the best city to live and work in. 

Dubai was voted number 1 on the global list of Tripadvisor Travelers choice awards for best global destination and number 1 destination for city lovers and 4 for food lovers. This shows Dubai has everything for everyone and one can instantly fall in love with the country. 

The awards received by Dubai showcase the achievement and also allow the general public to have faith when choosing UAE for commercial or residential purposes. The quality of life and benefits offered by the UAE Government is one of the contributing factors to making it a global destination. 

The visionary leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has a strategic plan to deal with the pandemic by taking initiatives that serve the local and international people and also boost the economy. These initiatives enhanced the competition and also made it more attractive as a multi-faceted destination which is quite a big victory for Dubai for retaining the title of top global destination.

The cautious measures taken by Dubai eliminated the spread of the COVID-19 virus and also accelerated fast from the facade and focused on growing the economy. The achievement of retaining the title of Dubai as the global destination is a testament to dynamism, resilience, and accessibility also constantly focuses on delivering the best experience to everyone.

Dubai was the first to close when the pandemic struck and the first one to open and continued to open and flourish regardless of Covid-19 waves. UAE’s strategic plans allowed them to cope easily and the economy is also strengthening each day. 

The early initiatives by the UAE government led to a faster recovery and also restored the confidence of businesses to pursue operations. The UAE Government launched the initiatives that allowed easy entry of business and citizenship by investment that allows the individual to easily settle in Dubai and pursue their business endeavors with Dubai in the long run.

Dubai as a global destination presents ample opportunities in the residential and commercial sectors. If you are looking to settle in or pursue business it is easier to acquire a space in the best location with Signature Habitat as they find you the best place within the budget. Their years of expertise in the real-estate sector are bliss as it allows you to explore different options and retain the best resources that can enhance your experience.

Expo 2020 is also a contributing factor in making Dubai a global destination. The Expo has retained the exemplary response and recorded over 10 million visits by residents and global travelers. 

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